Working in several mediums and techniques, I use a variety of materials that ultimately break the surface of my paintings in an attempt to address underlying, content-related issues. I like to push boundaries, and am extremely influenced by anti‐establishment movements such as the Pre-Raphaelites, Camp, punk music, tattoo culture and other marginalized cultural genres that often sit outside of art’s traditional contexts. I believe my work speaks to the historical significance of the female nude, this is in large part what makes it so compelling to me personally.

My imagery is strongly affected by my time as a tattoo apprentice, with campy female forms adorned by elements that blend in with their environments. The embellishments in my mind, serve as a form of empowering protection, as a way of the girls claiming their own bodies. I play with the tension created by simultaneously covering and exposing, questioning the politics of display and challenging the responsibility of objectivity. My purpose is to mirror the confusing narratives that girls, myself included, have experienced while navigating the transition into sexual maturity, and what effects that uncertainty has on our relationship with our bodies and identity.