Working in several media, I use a variety of campy materials to create a whimsical plastic wonderland of immersive sensory overloads. My performance alter ego, BUNNi, invites viewers through the looking glass of reality down the rabbit hole of my personal female psyche, a dreamworld otherwise known as ANDiLAND. This avant-garde fairytale serves as a surreal funhouse mirror that reflects the uncomfortable realities found within the beautifully absurd paradox of female embodiment.

With a perverse humor and a great deal of provocative pleasure, my work conjoins a grotesque hybrid of issue driven contemplation and honest reflection of my own personal experiences. I milk the excess of cute, passive, girly kitsch ephemera to playfully antagonize power dynamics and destructively challenge traditional values of arts and culture industries. By performing femininity in a campy overtly mocking way I attempt to assault the norms of acceptable female behavior, exploiting ridiculously constructed gender stereotypes to subversive ends.