Working in several media, I use a variety of campy materials to create a whimsical plastic wonderland of immersive installations. My performance alter ego, BUNNi, invites viewers through the looking glass of reality down the rabbit hole of my personal female psyche, a dreamworld otherwise known as ANDiLAND. Here, vulnerable female nudes are surrounded by playful objects and bright colors drawn from a turbulent adolescence. Utilizing a perverse humor, I provide clues to metaphorically load the gun in an attempt to identify the danger threatening femininity and its archetypal allure.

This interactive fairytale serves as a surreal funhouse mirror that reflects the wonderfully uncomfortable realities of gender roles, identity, beauty, consumerism, pop culture and human nature. I present the uneasy question of where the power truly lies, playfully antagonizing the established complex but often contradictory debate.